Pictures of the Workshop: 3D printing in clay in Fiskars, Finland

On Saturday November 26th the Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future exhibition was filled with people who came to see the exhibition and to participate in the workshop about 3D printing in clay. The workshop was hosted by the 3D printing specialists from ADDlab from Aalto University. Here are some pictures of the workshop.

On Saturday the exhibition attracted many visitors who had come to participate in the 3D workshop and to see the exhibition. (c) Minerva Juolahti


Little workshop participants watching closely how the printer is printing. (c) Minerva Juolahti
In the workshop the participants were able to form a 3D image with a cylinder shaped object connected to a computer program. The digital information was printed with the Arra 3D printer into a clay object. (c) Minerva Juolahti
Many local people came to see the 3D printer in action. (c) Minerva Juolahti